We provide competitive legal assistance and advice, based on the principles of loyalty and independence, mainly in the areas of civil law. We also deal with issues and disputes within the spheres of tax, administrative and criminal law, through joint assignments carried out together with qualified external professionals. We also make use of the advice of selected chartered accountants, labour consultants and notaries, as well as a vast and consolidated network of relationships with leading foreign law firms.


Signing a policy with a leading insurance company can certainly prove to be a protection against multiple risks.
But this is not enough, a quid pluris is needed.

That quid pluris is our Firm, which can assist you in evaluating the contractual and pre-contractual aspects relevant to the offer of insurance products, and in legal disputes.

Banking and finance

Relations with banks are often complex and composite, and not always easy to understand. We can enable you to manage such relationships with caution, and prevent you from becoming the weaker party.

Therefore, we guarantee assistance and advice in contractual matters and litigation, for a range of actions and protections.

Commercial and corporate

In order to face more confidently the complexity of corporate operations, and to manage and resolve problems that may arise in the company’s business, you can count on our specific consultancy.

We deal with company formation, the establishment of branch offices, and corporate governance; the responsibility of directors and other corporate bodies, and relations between shareholders; the merger, demerger, liquidation and dissolution of companies; shareholders’ agreements; the purchase and sale of equity investments; the sale of companies and business branches, and related due diligence activities; associations en participation and consortia; joint ventures and business networks.

As companies operating in increasingly regulated markets, you need to enter into specific and effective contracts that are able to favour your business, avoiding possible commercial risks.

Our Firm can assist you in the negotiation, drafting and management of any type of commercial agreement, including in an international context. We also guarantee expert assistance in litigation relating to any of the aspects outlined above.

Litigation, arbitration, mediation and assisted negotiation

We assist the client right from the pre-litigation stage, and prevent conflicts by identifying and suggesting the best strategies to reach amicable settlements or strengthen the client’s defence in the event of a subsequent proceeding. In this case we assist the client in any type of proceeding and in any stage thereof, counting on our consolidated tradition and experience in national and international litigation before the higher courts, as well as in arbitration, both as defence counsels and arbitrators.

If alternative dispute resolution procedures follow, i.e. mediation pursuant to Legislative Decree 28/2010 and subsequent amendments, or assisted negotiation pursuant to Legislative Decree 132/2014 converted into Law 162/2014, the client may rely on our competent assistance for these new methods of settlement, too.

Corporate crisis management

A business may find itself in a situation of economic and financial uncertainty.
However, our timely intervention can help you limit the worsening of any such crisis.

Our attention is focused, in particular, on the achievement of standstill and settlement agreements with creditors, banks and financial intermediaries, refinancing, repayment plans, and out-of-court debt restructuring operations.

We deal with all stages of insolvency proceedings, including the drafting of proposals for an arrangement with creditors or bankruptcy agreements.

We also represent you in claims for damages, and in all judicial initiatives aimed at the recovery of assets and credits in the context of corporate insolvency.

Family and succession law

Family, estates and successions are particularly delicate issues, as they involve personal rights, including those of minors or otherwise fragile subjects, worthy of particular protection.

We can assist you in matters and procedures related to marriage, domestic partnerships, civil partnerships, personal and property relationships, parental relationships, affiliation, separation and divorce.

We are attentive to the problems connected to people’s legal capacity and we provide assistance aimed at achieving all means and solutions for the legal protection of minors and adults who find themselves in trouble (procedure for the appointment of a Court-appointed guardian, partial interdiction, and, in residual cases, interdiction).

We evaluate and propose legal solutions for the management and protection of individual and family assets (agreements on the transfer of equity interests between family members – trusts – intergenerational transfers), and you can also ask for our advice on donations and provisions mortis causa. We provide assistance for all disputes related to inheritance, including judicial ones.

Real Estate

You should be careful when buying or selling a property. Our consultancy at the stage of negotiation has proved to be precious in preventing future disputes.

We shall follow you in every stage of the sale of residential and commercial properties, in the preparation of the relevant documentation, the drafting of the contractual clauses, and, too, the formalization of contracts and subcontracts, lease agreements, financial leases and mortgage loans.

We also take care of all aspects regarding condominium issues and relevant litigations.


Labour is granted primary recognition by our Constitution for its contribution to the material and spiritual progress of society.

Therefore, attention to Labour law is essential for both companies and individual workers.

Under this perspective of enhancement, we deal with all labour and trade union law issues in judicial and out-of-court matters.

On behalf of companies we handle every aspect of personnel management, the drafting of company regulations, policies and disciplinary codes, dismissal procedures, and management of individual labour disputes.

Our objective is to provide long-term advice and lasting solutions, whatever economic sector is involved.

Employment, self-employment and agency relations in the different stages of their establishment, performance and termination, social security protection, health and safety at work, privacy.

Corporate restructuring advice with reference to both individual and collective issues, as well as in the stage of consultations with the trade unions.

Assistance and representation in proceedings before the Territorial Labour Inspectorates and trade unions, as well as in every stage and level of judgment before the Labour Courts.