We do not wish to present ourselves as missionaries.
However, the legal profession has an important function in civilized living, and we are certain that we are carrying out a task that should be preserved and respected. This come-duty becomes more emphatic if it is the culmination of a tradition. Our Firm is precisely that.

Many decades of presence in and out of court. An activity that is carried out now, as it was then, in the constant search for new solutions, because “those who believe in fate justify inaction” (Marco Tullio Cicero, De re publica).

Hence the need for cooperation, for sharing. We try to be present in an evolution that manifests itself as a necessity.


At the entrance of our offices in Como there is a memorable quote taken from Saint Paul: “whatever does not proceed from conviction is sin”

We would like not to sin and do our duty serenely. We have the means, the enthusiasm and the organization to guarantee professional services with a high added value.


Studio legale associato Vestuti Cairoli

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